2020 Stock Market Crash?

Could a Stock Market crash be coming at the end of 2020? Are we experiencing the biggest market “bubble” in history!? Is this all just election nonsense?

Only time will tell, however it looks like we may be in for a bear market. The recent Tesla drop may be an example of this. As of now Tesla is currently down about 14%.

Listen to analyst Andrew Parlin:

When and how this ends is impossible to say. But with the Fed pursuing thunderous asset purchases and getting ever softer on its 2% inflation target, the bubble is firmly on track to be one of biggest in stock market history

As for now, stay safe, think sharp, take profits and I’d probably think twice about holding overnight! As always, good luck friends!

Referenced Article: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/tesla-and-other-pods-of-excess-will-ultimately-lead-to-the-popping-of-todays-bubble-investor-warns-11599580223

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